Recent Video Work

Below are some recent videos that I shot and/or produced or edited. 

This video was shot for ESPN at the beginning of the 2016 NFL season on location in Montreal with Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. Tardif is a professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs but also is also in his final year of medical school. I shot all the video of Tardif, and the incredibly talented video editing staff at ESPN produced the piece. 

Below are a few projects and videos that I accomplished with some of the best photojournalists in the business while I was serving as the director of photography at The Hartford Courant. My role in the works below was either producing, executive producing or video editing, or a combination of the three.

“Raising Evan” - Ten-year old Evan Marcantonio has autism. Like most families battling to raise a healthy and happy child, his mother, Carol, needs to be his fiercest advocate. Cloe Poisson did an amazing job gaining access to the family and schools to show our readers the struggle these families endure. This was a special project consisting of both still images and video. Cloe Poisson shot all of the video and photograhs for this award winning piece. My role was the photo editor, video editor and producer. I worked with our talented web master Tim Reck to design the piece for the web and our director of graphics, Chris Moore, to design the newpaper edition. CLICK HERE :

“Pets for Vets” - To help veterans battle PTSD, a new program seeks to help them deal with their problems by forming a bond with trained dogs. Lauren Schneiderman brought this story to my attention and developed it into an award winning piece. CLICK HERE:

“Dancing Crossing Guard” - In a town still healing from a massive trauma, a Newtown school crossing guard makes people smile with her dancing traffic direction. Cloe Poisson spent only a few days with this remarkable woman to produce this widely circulated video.


“Inside Look at High School Football” -  During the 2015 high school football season, a few coaches granted the Hartford Courant access to their teams for an inside look into the high school game. Deputy Sports Editor Jeff Smith and I worked together to see it through to production in print and online. Because of the scope of this project it required the combined efforts of staff and freelance photogrpahers to comlete. John Woike,  Mark Mirko, Patrick Raycraft, Brad Horrigan Peter Casolino and Johnathon Henninger worked on shooting the video. John Woike did most of the video editing with the help of Mark Mirko. I also helped in some of the editing and as executive producer. The entire piece was a bit longer than our readers normally had the patience to watch, so we decided to break the series down into three parts:

Part 1: Preparing For The Game: CLICK HERE:

Part 2: Motivation At The Half: CLICK HERE:

Part 3 : The Aftermath: CLICK HERE: