Katherine Hepburn's Fenwick Home For Sale


When Katharine Hepburn's Old Saybrook summer home was put back on the market, Hartford Courant reporter Ken Gosselin, designer Greg Harmel, and I were allowed a two-hour tour. I was allowed to photograph the home, but there would be "no video allowed." The home was purchased from the Hepburn estate by New York Developer Frank Sciame, and he completely renovated the property to make it suitable for a lifestyle more fitting for 2011. Real Estate agent Colette Harron led the tour. This video was made from those still photographs, after Harron agreed to allow the still images to be used for the video. After seeing the images, she even agreed to be recorded while describing the photos. During the tour, I was able to make a series of panoramic photographs which I then stitched together for use in the video. Copyright Hartford Courant