About Messina

As the director of visuals for Connecticut’s largest news organization, The Hartford Courant, I championed the coverage of important issues through creative use of images that goes beyond simply conveying information — to making an impact. I worked with designers and editors to create compelling visual presentations. As a video producer, I create short documentary stories on tight deadlines — often working independently as the videographer, sound designer and editor. I've written stories for The Courant, and also contribute to a very well-received photo blog called "Eye Contact."

As a private entreprenuer,  I take an inventive approach to leveraging technological advances in web, social and mobile media for improved visual messaging and elegant user experience. I provide strategic leadership in the research and development of software systems that enable creatives with tools to manage their own branding and business. This website is powered by the custom platform we built at Artbox.com. My focus is always on the customer, and the small business I co-founded has the same mission. Artbox LLC also provides graphic design and branding, web development, and mobile app development services. Artbox specializes in creating elegant, rich media websites.

Born and raised in New Britain, I have lived my entire life in central Connecticut, yet I have an expansive and compassionate world view. I've been to a lot of places in the world. Wherever you go, people are people, and even the smallest stories are really about the great big common human experience. That's why I love meeting all kinds of people and telling their stories. I approach each assignment the same way I approach each new relationship, with respect. Most of us are just trying to bring our talents to the table every day, do well and do good. And that's why, even after covering a lot of tragedy, scandal and struggles, I'm an optimist. 

Linkedin : http://www.linkedin.com/in/richardmessina

Twitter : http://twitter.com/MessinaDotCom